Kia Warranty Transfer When Buying A Second Hand Car

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If you are worried about second hand Kia vehicle you purchased recently, worry no more. Kia warranty transfer is already allowed especially to new vehicle owners as long as the service is still valid. Before you purchase a used Kia car, determine if some warranties are left because this is very helpful.


Although Kia warranty is transferable, how will you know if service is still valid? You just have to ask the previous owner and if you don’t believe what they told you, you can verify it. You may visit Kia reading centers to inquire if the service is still valid and you can ask how long warranty can still be used and what it covers. That way, having a Kia warranty transferable allows you to use it when you need it anytime and if it applies to the services you need for the car.


Having Kia warranties even if there are just a few more years left is important because repairs costs of damages of vehicles are not very cheap these days. This is true to all car brands in the market. Your insurance can save you when you meet accidents by shouldering the expenses of the damage repairs costs of your vehicle. But, what if you only have minor issues which are not caused by road mishaps?


Kia warranty is very specific on what it can cover. Therefore, when you make a purchase, ask the owner on the terms of the company so you won’t end up looking stupid in repair centers claiming for services that are not included in the warranty. Also, ask the previous owner on what are the grounds for cancellation of the service.


Usually there are many reasons that can become grounds for making Kia warranties void. One is meeting and accident and wrecking the car. If you happen to be involved in such road mishap, expect nothing from the company because the warranty will not be applicable to such situation.


Another scenario that will make Kia motors warranty void is when the vehicle is misused. For example, you bought a car that is not good for road racing and still you went beyond the limits bringing damages to the unit. Again, do not expect that the repair service will be given to for free because it will not.


There are still many other reasons that will allow the company to cancel the terms of the service. Be aware of it so you can avoid it. Even if you have a few years left on the Kia factory warranty because you bought a secondhand unit, it still helps if you take a good care of the car. Always bear in mind that cost of repair of damages on cars is not very cheap and replacement parts may not be very accessible at all times.


Kia warranty transfer is not applicable to other brands and so be thankful you have bought a Kia unit. There is more value to a secondhand car if the service is still valid in comparison to buying a used vehicle with no warranty left. If there are some issued with the used car you bought, immediately bring it to the company’s authorize repair centers because if you have it repaired somewhere else and you had some parts replaced with other brands, you will lose the free Kia warranty service.


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